P1 Series Toolhead Cable


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Accessories Bambu Lab
Compatibility: P1 Series Exclusive
SKU: CAB006-1

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The P1 Series Toolhead Cable connects the printer headboard and the motion control mainboard to supply power and data communication.

The P1P version with rubber plug is mainly designed for P1P without cable chain. It is also compatible with P1S (need to remove the rubber plug in advance).

The P1S version without rubber plug is mainly designed for P1S to adapt the cable chain. It is also compatible with P1P especially when cable chain is added.

Both P1P version and P1S version toolhead cables can work with the cable chain. But it is recommended to use the P1S version toolhead cable to work with the cable chain due to its better resistance to bending and flexing.


Learn more about the replacing the P1 Series Toolhead Cable on Bambu Lab Wiki.


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- P1 Series Toolhead Cable



P1 Series


Product Specifications

Length780 mm / 760 mmPackaging Size190*70*50 mm
Plug6PIN 1.25mm /12PIN 0.8mm BTBPackaging Weight40 g
MaterialPlastic, MetalColorMatte Black