MK2B Heated Bed 12v AND 24V For 3D Printer

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3D Printer Accessories Heated Bed

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  • PCB HEATBED: Keep your print model warm and malleable to improve adhesion and prevent warping during the printing process for a spectacular final result.
  • GLASS SHEET: The heat bed combo includes a Borosilicate glass sheet suitable for high temperatures to create a flat, even surface.
  • COMPATABILITY: MK2B 214mm x 214 mm (8.4 in x 8.4 in) 12V or 24V Hot Bed for MakerBot RepRap UP Mendel I3 Printer.
  • NO SOLDERING REQUIRED: The PCB Heat Bed is supplied with integrated 100K ohm NTC 3950 Thermistor, and soldered power leads.
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