HALOT-MAGE S 14K Resin 3D Printer


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Stunning Details & Speed

Stunning 14K, Utterly Exquisite

HALOT-MAGE S features a premium LCD screen with 14K ultra-high resolution.

It has the magic to render shapes, textures and fabrics exactly as designed.

Each 3D print represents a true-to-life art piece


Integral Light Source 3.0, Pro-level Fidelity

As the 3rd iteration of the integral light source, it can deliver a strong and uniform UV light

that cures each resin layer precisely and consistently. Hence, the print will get neat,

sharp shapes in accurate dimensions

Size & Quality, No More Trade-off

The 10.1" LCD underpins a 223*126*230mm build volume.

Time to vivify your masterpiece in a decent size.

No more holding back your creative talent.

"Dynax+" Mode, Ultra Fast

HALOT-MAGE S offers a 3-4x faster "Dynax+" mode that can be turned on with one tap. It is able to finish a 15cm tall model in just one hour. And, the print quality is still pretty good.

Agile & Steady "Dynax" Motion System

The build plate can be lifted and lowered in just 1.2s, then ready to print the next layer. With steady motion, there will be minimal layer lines.

Speed-intended "Pictor" Release Film

The 3-layered “Pictor" film is durable and able to reduce the peel force by 35%*. So, the build plate can be released without a hitch.

There is also a spare FEP film for replacement (only suitable for regular-speed printing).

2.25X Leveling Tension

with Non-slip Adapter

The build plate adapter is processed by wire drawing, which boosts the friction by 2.25 times to 3530N*So, the leveling state is firmly locked without slacking.

Nice Adhesion with

Laser-carved Build Plate

HALOT-MAGE S adopts a CNC-machined aluminum alloy build plate to bear a uniform first layer. The plate surface adopts a special laser-carved pattern selected out of dozens of patterns. It ensures stronger adhesion to and quicker removal of the models


Freedom of Control

The latest HALOT OS enables easy remote printing from a phone or PC. With network, it can directly download sliced model files

from the built-in Creality Cloud personal model library, Now, printing is beyond the limits of time, space and device.

Smart Resin

Pump (Optional),

Valuable Upgrade Auto fill and withdrawal of resin. Much less messing by hand. The resin pump no longer interferes with the leveling system. Moreover, the feeding tube becomes detachable, making it easier to install a new bottle of resin. 

Smart Air Purifier,

Odor-free Joy

The purifier can go ON/OFF according to the printing status. With a newly developed activated carbon filter, it is more efficient in absorbing resin odor. At its back is also a vent hole to connect an exhaust tube.

33% Better *In Removing VOCs*


"MageArch" Flip Lid

operation with one hand and keeps it out of the way.

Quick-release Build Plate

Quick release together with finished prints

for post-processing.

USB Drive/WiFi/Ethernet

Always a suitable way of printing for you.

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