Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro 3D Printer

  • Print volume 225*225*265mm
  • 500 mm/s max printing speed
  • 11 x 11 auto leveling
  • 300°C high-temp nozzle
  • Support PLA/PETG/ABS/TPU/Nylon materials
  • USB and LAN transfer
  • Intelligent segmented heatbed

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149,999.00 Rs.

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3D Printer FDM Printer Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro

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Speed Up Printing with Klipper

With the Klipper motherboard and ARM 64-bit 1.5G main frequency quad-core processor to process and execute commands faster, Neptune 4 Pro can print at up to 500mm/s, allowing you to complete your print projects quickly and efficiently. With our pre-installed Klipper firmware, you can start printing right away without the hassle of firmware installation.

In addition, it supports input shaping, which helps eliminate artifacts and resonances on the model surface, and pressure advance, which helps predict nozzle pressure for more accurate and consistent extrusion and less filament ooze and blobbing.

Potent Extrusion & Upgraded Hotend

The printer's dual-gear direct drive extruder is another key feature that ensures smooth and consistent extrusion, weighing only 75% of the weight of the Neptune 3 Pro.

The 5.2:1 reduction ratio and dual-gear design ensure a firm grip on the filament and prevent the flexible filament from slipping and grinding. The copper-titanium bi-metal throat pipe has a unique air duct design for faster heat dissipation of the throat pipe and less nozzle clogging.

The 300°C high-temp nozzle with an extended hotend design to fully melt the filament, and you can explore a wider range of materials, such as PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, TPU, and high-temp filaments like nylon.

Unparalleled Heat Dissipation Performance

In addition to the two thickened 4015 ball bearing cooling fan on both sides of the print head, there are four 4020 ball bearing auxiliary fans behind the print head, which ensures omnidirectional rapid cooling of the newly printed layers even at a fast printing speed, and the deposited hot filament quickly bond together for better overhang and bridge results.

Stable & Quiet Printing

The ELEGOO Neptune 4 Pro 3D printer is designed for quiet and precise printing with its silent drivers for all axes, reducing noise to below 50db. Its wear-resistant POM V-guide wheels moves quietly, smoothly, and accurately.

The Z-axis dual lead screw + Z-axis dual motor design provides better synchronization, increasing the accuracy and stability of the print head movement.

Smoother Model Surface

Support advanced functions like input shaping and pressure advance to achieve smooth model surface and consistent extrusion

Intelligent Segmented Heatbed

With 100W+150W power output, the slicing software automatically recognizes the size of the model during slicing and activates the peripheral heating zone if the model size exceeds the center heating zone (120mmx120mm).

The two partitions can also be turned on and off manually for more precise temperature control.

Additionally, the surface of the PEI magnetic platform is marked for guidance.

 PEI Magnetic Platform

 Intelligent 3D Printing

Support LAN Network Printing