Creality Ender-3 V3 KE 3D Printer
Creality OS, Smart Beyond Limits.
  • Ultra-Smooth Motion and Stable Structure: The stiff steel linear rail on the X-axis has a carriage slide containing ball bearings, which can move smoothly, accurately and steadily.
  • "Sprite" Direct Extruder: 60W ceramic heater, Bi-metal heatbreak and copper nozzle enable 300℃ printing and smooth feeding of various filaments.
  • Faster Intuitive Printing Experience: It can print at up to 500mm/s speed with 8000mm/s² acceleration. Responsive touch UI screen with an intuitive tab bar, real-time model preview and vivid motion graphics of printing parameters.
  • Upgraded Design: With smart AIgorithms function, it mitigates the printer's vibrations for minimal ringing or ghosting.
  • Convenient Printing Method: It equips CR Touch for auto leveling, performs multi-point detection on the printing platform.It supports three ways of printing, phone control, WiFi, and USB drive.

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3D Printer Ender-3 V3 KE

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Creality OS, Smart Beyond Limits

Based on the popular Klipper firmware.


Smart UI & Auto Calibration

Touch UI with an intuitive tab bar; Smart self-test for Z offset, auto leveling, and more with just 

one tap; Real-time model preview, and vivid motion graphics of printing parameters


Smart Algorithms, Better Print Quality

Input shaping*: Mitigates the printer's vibrations for minimal ringing or ghosting.

 Motion advance: Optimizes the feeding flow for fewer blobs and oozes.


Control and Monitor Smartly from Anywhere

The fun goes beyond the limits of space with LAN printing and cloud printing. Every aspect of your 3D printer

 can be controlled from a PC (Creality Print) or a phone (Creality Cloud APP) via WiFi. With multiple printers

 online, you can manage them efficiently as a print farm.


Superior Hotend

to Meet Greater Challenges

60W ceramic heater, able to fully melt filaments for high-speed printing; Bi-metal (copper+titanium alloys) heatbreak, preventing thermal creep; Copper nozzle, enabling 300°C* printing.

X-axis Linear Rail

Ultra-smooth Motion. The precise linear rail on the X-axis has a carriage slide containing ball bearings, making each move accurate, steady, and frictionless (0.04 friction coefficient*). Built out of stiff steel, it will stay as new even after long-time use.

Double Fans
for Rapid Model Cooling

Each side of the printhead has a model cooling fan. Together, they cool the freshly printed section rapidly and evenly. Now, your prints are always in good shape.


Still Compact but Offers Much More

It occupies less space, weighs less, but has richer functions, giving you more liberty to play out creative desire.


More Filaments to Print With

Ender-3 V3 KE can handle Hyper PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU(95A) and ASA filaments. Just pick the right one to print 

whatever daily item, part, or product you like. Ender-3 V3 KE prints faster and better with Creality Hyper PLA.


Get Printing Started Like a Breeze

Quick Assembly;   Self-test for Calibration; Auto Filament Loading



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