Creality Ender-3 V3 3D Printer

  • CoreXZ for 600mm/s Printing Speed
  •  Stable Metal Build with Die-cast Parts
  •  Direct Extrusion on Full Power
  •  Integrated Tri-metal Nozzle, Quick to Swap
  •  Two Mighty Fans for Instant Cooling
  •  Auto Calibration for Leveling and More

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214,999.00 Rs.

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Ender-3 V3

CoreXZ 3D Printer

Fast & Stable in a New Form

Redefine Bedslinger with Bold Innovations

Sleek And Stable Design

New Metal Build With Die Cast Parts

Easy Maintenance

Quick Swap Tri Metal Nozzle

Superior Part Cooling

Two Mighty Fans To Cool Fresh Extrusion

Top Notch Performance

Reliable Clog-Free Extruder Kit.

Spectacular Performance

Core XZ for max 600mm/s speed

An Epic Leap of Efficiency

Rugged BoxPrint

 Time: 2h14min*

Size: 157*123*55mm

Filament: CR-carbon


Print Time: 2h11min*

Size: 122*122*55mm

Filament: Ender-PLA


Print Time: 13min*

Size: 60*31*48mm

Filament: Hyper-PLA

XZ Belt Tensioning,

Fully Automated. The XZ timing belts of Ender-3 V3 are tensioned automatically. Belt slips or jams become a thing of the past.

Accurate Z-axis,

Less Wobbling. Thanks to the precise linear rods and timing belts, the Z-axis can position more accurately than ever. It means minimal Z-banding in your 3D prints.

Z-axis positioning accuracy ≤15㎛*

Nifty HD

Touch Screen

A 4.3" screen gives seamless touch response.

With HD resolution*, it displays temperatures

leveling process, and model preview vividly

by motion graphics.*800×480px, 216.97PPI

Flexible Textured

PEI Plate

The PEI coating makes it sticky to models

printed in a variety of materials.

The spring steel base allows you to release models

with a slight bend.

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Ingenious 3D Prints, Personalizing Your Life

Creality OS & Superb Software

True Freedom to Create and Share


  Creality OS enables many advanced functions such as linear advance and input shaping. You can customize it or join the open-source community to explore more. .

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