Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo
Product Features

● Smart Multi-Color Printing, Print in 4 to 8 Colors

● Print Fast,Seamlessly, Max 600mm/s

● ACE Pro: Dries while it Prints in Multi-Color

● Expansive Printing, 250x250x260mm

● Co-Created with Pantone Color Institute

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269,999.00 Rs.

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Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo

Be Bold, Be Colorful


Smart Multi-Color Printing. Print in 4 to 8* Colors.

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors, and Fully explore your creative ideas in multicolor.


Co-Created with Pantone Color Institute

Co-create filament colors with Pantone Color Institute - the world's leading expert on color application, elevating your 3D printing experience.



Filament colors are matched precisely for more efficient printing .


Print Fast, Seamlessly

600 mm/s Max Print Speed; 20,000 mm/s² Max Acceleration; 11min 30s Benchy Print; 300 mm/s Recommended Print Speed

Expansive Printing Space

Maximize your printing possibilities, and explore your creative ideas to the full with printing sizes up to 250mm x 250mm x 260mm. The Kobra 3 Combo’s maximum printing volume stands at 4.29 gal (16.25L). .

Vibration Compensation

Equipped with built-in Accelerometer G-Sensor to detect vibration frequencies, and intelligently adjusts motion control to prevent ringing issues – for exceptionally smooth and high-quality prints.


Filament Extruded Control

The Anycubic algorithm precisely measures the pressure in the nozzle to ensure smooth extrusion on each layer of every print.


Sleek yet Stylish, Set Up with Ease

  • Minimalism taken to the Max

The Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo is designed for hassle-free printing, with simplified setup and cable connections. Just start printing and relax.

  • Unified Module System;

Seal integration design of module system effectively protect the core components and eliminate filament residue, making it easier to clean and maintain. Install cables easily with just two port connections.

  • Tailored Comfort;

The touchscreen design comes with a customizable tilt from 30°to 60°, allowing you to print comfortably in any position.


Drying while Printing

Print and dry simultaneously for up to 24 hours, ensuring the filament stays dry from the inside out for superior printing quality.



Filament Drying at All Times

The power of dual PTC heating system up to 200W, efficiently circulates air and maintains a consistent temperature of up to 131°F, keeping filaments dry at all times.  .

Nozzle Clog Detection, Minimizes

 Filament Tangling.

The ACE Pro delivers filament individually through four tubes, shortened filament length during color changing or filament backup . And the ACE Pro supports auto loading and unloading the filaments to eliminates messes or tangling. The built-in Buffer detects nozzle clogs, pausing the print and alerting promptly to effectively protect the machine.




Auto Leveling, Auto Z-Offset

LeviQ 3.0 auto leveling. Kobra 3 automatically calibrates the bed level for each print job, no need to Z-offset manually or stick a piece of paper as a reference.


Quick Swap Nozzle

Tools free to swap the full-metal nozzles. The nozzles are maintained at temperatures of up to 300°C(572°F) to achieve optimal printing of different filaments. We offer various nozzles in different diameters.


Auto Resume Prints

Kobra 3 Combo picks up printing from where it stopped after power or filament shortages, ensuring a seamless printing experience. .

Detect. Resume. All by Itself.

Automatically checks and reminds the belt tension status. AI monitors the printing process, effectively reducing spaghetti monsters.