Elegoo Neptune 3 Max 3D Printer


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3D Printer FDM Printer Elegoo Elegoo Neptune 3 Max

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One-click Auto Leveling

The 63-point leveling system adopts a non-contact sensor to automatically calibrate and compensate for any inconsistencies or unevenness. No more tedious leveling operations of the printing platform. Simply click the button on the screen to start the automatic leveling job!

There are hand-leveling knobs under the hotbed to fine-turn the build platform for a better compensation effect and final print quality.

Powerful Extrusion System

Double-gear direct extruder with 3 times extrusion torque motor and enhanced gearing force, work with titanium alloy throat pipe for easier filament feeding and more stable & precise printing.

And the 250W hotbed can quickly heat up to 100ºC, compatible with PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, TPU, and similar filaments.

PEI Magnetic Platform

PEI magnetic platform with a special coating and spring steel sheet for strong adhesion and anti-warping, so you can easily remove or eject the print models by slightly bending the print steel sheet.

The 420W high-power hotbed can quickly heat up to 100°C. PEI magnetic platform with a special coating and spring steel sheet for good adhesion and anti-warping, so that prints can be easily released or popped off by bending the print steel sheet.

Quiet & Safe Printing

The whole machine adopts STM 32-bit motherboard silent drivers and a more reasonable nozzle heat dissipation structure, reducing the noise down to 50db, like a person's whisper. Wear resistance POM V-slot wheels move quietly, smoothly, and accurately.

The branded power supply has been repeatedly verified to ensure safe printing and reduce printing errors.

Enhanced Reliability

Z-axis dual lead screw + Z-axis dual-motor design with better synchronization increases the accuracy and stability of printing.

The XY-axis belt tensioner is more convenient to adjust belt tightness by simply rotating the hand-twist knob, and the widened Y-axis profile to make the printing platform more stable.

Smart Resume Printing

No worry about unexpected power failure during the printing process since the printer can resume printing after the power supply is restored.

With a filament detection sensor, whenever the filament runs out or breaks, the printer will pause and alarm until you load the new filament to avoid material waste and model scrapping.

Double-sided Cooling Fan

Removable 4.3" Captive Screen

LED Light Strip And Drawer Toolbox